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Amethyst Druzy Specimen On Wood Base
Close Up Amethyst Druzy On Display Home Decor
Amethyst Druzy Specimen
Amethyst Polished Edge Druzy Specimen
Close Up Amethyst Specimen For Desk Top Table Top Decor Accent

Budget Home Decor Hack Amethyst Druzy Specimen Polished Edge

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Take a closer look.  Roll over these images and view a beautiful Amethyst Druzy specimen with polished edges.   The wood base is included. We have multiple specimens that are unique and work for any budget.  Let us help you with home decor ideas for your office or home.

Approximate measurements: 8.5 T x 8 W x 3.5 D inches

Weight: 6.44 pounds 

Origin: Brazil

Amethyst specimen under $100: https://bit.ly/2FBxT5q