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Amethyst Druzy Crystal Specimen Black Iron Stand
Polished Edge Amethyst Druzy Specimen On Stand
Close Up Amethyst Crystals
Close Up Of Amethyst Crystal Specimen
Polished Edge Amethyst Crystal On Black Stand

Sparkling Home Decor Amethyst Quartz Specimen On Black Iron Rotating Stand

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Sparkling home décor that is unique! This beautiful Amethyst Quartz specimen is on a black iron stand that rotates 360 degrees.  It stands just over 2 foot tall and is thin enough to be placed on a side table or as a shelving accent.  Just think what a statement it would make on a black granite kitchen counter. The beautiful range in purple tones make it a royal interior design statement for any home or commercial space. 

Origin: Brazil

Estimated measurements are: 25.5 inches high (including stand), 13.5 inches wide and 9.5 inches depth (includes stand).  The stone measures 19 inches high, 13 wide and 4 inches deep.  Estimated weight is 10 pounds

Please call 501-984-5396 if you have questions or would like additional images.  We are here to help!  

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