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Amethyst Druzy Crystal Candelabra
Close up Of Amethyst Druzy Candelabra
End View Of Amethyst Druzy Crystal Candelabra
Side View Of Amethyst Druzy Candelabra
Close Up Of Amethyst Druzy Crystals
7 Candle Candelabra Amethyst Geode

Candle Holder Amethyst Crystal Geode Candelabra 7 Candles Luxury Mineral Decor

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This stunning candelabra tablescape in Amethyst crystal cluster will make a mineral decor statement in your home, office or commercial space.  The varied natural purple colors are beautifully accentuated by the pure white of the candle holders.  7 candle holders, polished edges, amethyst crystal clusters.

Approximate measurements:
Amethyst: 7 inches tall tapering to 3.5 inches, 28 inches long and 9 inches wide
Candle Holder height: 11.5 inches tapering to 9 inches.

Origin: Brazil