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Pink Amethyst Slab Wall Mirror
Pink Amethyst Slab Wall Mirror
Close Up Pink Amethyst Slice
Side View Of Pink Amethyst Slice Wall Mirror
Druzy Crystals On Pink Amethyst
View Of Heart Shape Mirror Pink Amethyst Slab

Pink Amethyst Carved Wall Mirror Black Metal Frame Mineral Decor Spatial Energy Correction

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This beautiful Pink Amethyst slab has a heart carved in the center for mirror placement.  The hard ware is black iron.  It has an asymmetrical shape, it’s highly polished with a beautiful natural color palette  of white to cream  and pinks.  In Feng Shui, Amethyst is used for its purification qualities, as well as its ability to connect to higher planes of energy. It can be used to calm the emotions in a household where there are excessive arguments and misunderstandings. It can also help with study and learning.

Approximate measurements: 30 inches high by 23 inches wide by 2 inches deep

Weight: 44 pounds

Origin: Brazil