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Sparkling Citrine Druzy Crytsal Cathedral
Close Up Of Citrine Druzy Crystals
Close Up Of Polished Edge Of Citrine Druzy Cathedral
Close Up Of Side View Citrine Druzy Cathedral
Close Up Of Druzy Crystals On Citrine
View Of Room With Citrine Cathedral Beside Stair Railing
Enhanced Citrine Druzy Quartz Cathedral Specimen

Home Decorating Ideas Tall Citrine Quartz Crystal Cathedral Unique Mineral Decor

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Beautiful and unique mineral home decor. This tall enhanced Citrine quartz crystal cathedral has beautiful golden points and will make a sparkling addition to your space.  Visualize this as an interior design element sitting on a granite or beautiful wood table in your entry way.  The color palette in this specimen include cream, white, gold, brown, amber and gray.  This is a highly collectible rock specimen. Please note: Care for this specimen is feather dusting or using a slightly damp cloth to wipe down and then dry.  Do not submerge this rock nor attempt to cut it to use for jewelry.

Origin - Brazil

Approximate measurements: 32 inches tall by 10 inches wide by 12 inches deep. 

Shipping: Local pickup, buyer arranged freight or call with your location for in-house delivery pricing. 

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