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Fish Fossil Pair Set On Wood For Wall Hanging
Close Up Genuine Fossilized Fish Wall Hanging
Close Up Of Wyoming Fossilized Fish
Close Up Of Petrified Fish Remains On A Wall hanging
Side View Pair Of Fish Fossils
Wall Hanging Petrified Fish Remains

Petrified Fish Pair Wall Art Wyoming Geological Decor

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This beautiful wall hanging is an authentic petrified fish pair from the Green River area of Wyoming..  Fish fossils/petrified remains are formed in a number of different ways, but most are formed when a plant or animal dies in a watery environment and is buried in mud and silt.  Soft tissues quickly decompose leaving the hard bones and shells behind.  Over time sediment builds over the top and hardens into a rock.  This is an example of two fish that were fossilized.  This rock specimen is backed by a wood frame for hanging on a wall.  Natural tones are sand, beige, brown and black.  This is an uncommon geological decor accent that is reasonably priced.  

Origin - Wyoming

Approximate dimensions of this piece is 26 inches tall by 19 inches wide by 3 inches deep. 

Please call 501-984-5396 or email info@roncolemanmining.com with your valid tax identification number for wholesale price.