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Small petrified leaf with ruler showing size
Large Petrified Leaf
Medium Petrified Leaf
Large Fossilized Leaf Alternate View
Medium Petrified Leaf
Back View Medium Fossilized Leaf

Petrified Leaf Fossil Rock Specimens Budget Geological Decor Jewelry Supplies

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Place several of these petrified leaves in a shadow box for a beautiful home decor accent, wire wrap for jewelry or display on a stand. Geological decor is a unique option for any space.  Approximate sizes: Small -under 0.50 inches, Medium - 1 inch and Large - 1.5 inches or larger

Petrified wood/leaves hold a vibration that helps you tap into your body's ability to regenerate and rejuvenate. It is also good for supporting the cellular structure of your body. Petrified wood is a wonderful support for all types of physical healing. It is particularly good for balancing the liver and gallbladder. It can assist in cleansing the liver and the blood. It facilitates proper blood-cell manufacture in the bone marrow.

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