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This collection is Lemurian crystal.  Lemurian seed crystals are a special variety of clear quartz, a silicon dioxide mineral with a hardness of 7.  They come fro the Diamantina region of Brazil, a locality famous for it's long, tapered, laser wand crystals. Lemuria is remembered as a civilization with a supreme consciousness that was much more centered upon the emotional and spritual dimentions than found in the modern world. What is the Lemurian crystal meaning?  Lemurian crystals are known as master healers and are thought to carry messages from the lost continent of Lemuria.  The Lemurians were also known for high telepathic powers and spirituality and legends tell us that they had foreseen a great cataclysmic event on Earth. 

Chakra: Crown & Soul Star

Element: Earth and WInd 

*Please note:  We check each Lemurian under a microscope to confirm they are not cut by man.  We attend rock and mineral shows regularly but have not been able to find any natural Lemurians.  For that reason, we do not expect to purchase more inventory once the specimens in this collection are sold.  

 Please take into consideration that we cannot guarantee the shipper will get your order to you in the specified time if you choose expedited shipping.  

 Lemurian Seed Crystals

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