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rainbow aura crystal cluster titanium coated
arkansas quartz cluster treated titanium coated
close up titanium coated arkansas quartz cluster
arkansas quartz cluster titanium coated

Rainbow Aura Quartz Crystal Cluster Titanium Coated

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This fabulous Rainbow Aura Titanium Coated Crystal Cluster was hand mined at Ron Coleman Mining. This Arkansas Natural Quartz Crystal has been enhanced with a Titanium coating. The Titanium provides the rainbow of colors that you see.

The process uses only electricity to deposit the titanium layers. Since only electricity is used to create these colors, very little heat is involved and the integrity of the crystal is maintained. The crystal does not become brittle or prone to breakage as with other enhancements. The method in no way harms the environment with hazardous chemicals or byproducts. 

Measures approximately 8 x 5 inches at its widest and 2 inch at its tallest point.