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Enhanced Black Quartz Crystal Clusters
Large Irradiated Quartz Crystal Cluster
Black Enhanced Arkansas Quartz Crystal Cluster
Side View Of Black Enhanced Irradiated Quartz Crystal
Enhanced Quartz Crystal Cluster

Irradiated Quartz Sold In Bulk $100 Per Pound Black Mineral Decor

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Irradiated quartz sold in bulk for $100 per pound. Lovely home decor and metaphysical stones.  Beautiful black to gray metallic tones run throughout these crystals.  The quartz was mined at Ron Coleman Mining and treated to achieve the black color. 

  Please note: a variety of sizes will be included in your order. Use the "Comment" section of the order page if you have a specific request. PHOTOS DO NOT REPRESENT THE EXACT STONE YOU WILL RECEIVE.  We are happy to text images for your approval. 

All sales are final, no returns accepted.

Bulk Irradiated Quartz $100 per pound