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Water Clear Arkansas Natural Crystals Points $200 Per Pound
Mostly Clear Crystals $200 Per Pound Water Clear
$200 Per Pound Arkansas Clear Crystal Specimens Sold In Bulk
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Quartz Crystal Points Mostly Water Clear $200 Per Pound

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These are the finest quality crystals we sell. Mostly water clear quartz crystals, highest quality that are locally sourced at our Arkansas mine. Quartz rock specimens for display, Feng Shui energy, abundance and wealth cures. Decorate with crystals and change the energy of your space. Browse all qualities of quartz crystal we sell by the pound. 

Please note: The size of the crystals will vary.  Note on the comment area of your order if you prefer a large crystal, a mixture or as many small as we can provide by the pound.  

Your purchase is shipped via UPS or USPS within 3 week days of completed checkout.  Each crystal is individually wrapped for protection in shipping.

Bulk Clear Crystal Point Rock Specimens - $200 Per Pound 

Message us or email your sales tax certificate to info@roncolemanmining.com for wholesale pricing.