Rainbow Obsidian Rough Stones Sold By The Pound

Rainbow Obsidian Rough Rock Sold In Bulk $6.00 Per Pound

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Rainbow Obsidian rough, raw, uncut. unpolished rock specimens.  The sizes and color tones will vary.  If you must have smaller rocks or want a single large piece, please note it on the comment area of your order.  Otherwise, our fulfillment specialist will decide. Rainbow Obsidian usually looks quite black but when polished and exposed to a strong light, it shows bands of beautiful rainbow colors. Place Rainbow Obsidian and Quartz Crystals together for a unique home decor look.

It is the stone of the gentle, sensitive and soft hearted people of the world.

Meditating with Rainbow Obsidian is said to be able to take you on a journey that leads you to a place of an inner ‘flooding of Light’ illuminating the darker corners of unresolved past issues.

Rainbow Obsidian $6.00 Per Pound

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