Bulk Slag Glass $2.00 Per Pound
Slag Glass Sold By The Pound
Bulk Slag Glass $2.00 Per Pound
Slag Glass Blue White Green Brown
Table Full Of Slag Glass Sold In Bulk At $2.00 Per Pound
Slag Glass Sold In Bulk
$2.00 Per Pound For Bulk Slag Glass

Slag Glass $2.00 Per Pound Multi Colors Tablescape Idea

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Slag glass in a variety of sizes and colors. Images do not show all sizes.  We offer the best pricing in the area.  Most internet sellers require a 200 pound minimum purchase.  Our pricing is for 1 pound minimum.   If you must have a single larger piece, want one color only or have any specific request, please call 501-984-5396 or note your request in the comments section of your order.   Blue slag glass, white slag glass, green slag glass, clear slag glass are beautiful to display in a grouping.  We place a variety of colors in a clear glass box and group with different candles.  It makes a lovely tablescape for your home or patio 

$2.00 per pound - Bulk Slag Glass

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