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8.5 Inch Arkansas Fine Quartz Crystal Point
Alternate View 8.5 Inch Arkansas Quartz Crystal Point
Close Up 8.5 Inch Crystal Point Ron Coleman Mine
Top View 8.5 Inch Crystal Point
View of 8.5 inch crystal point with trigger crystals
Large Arkansas Crystal Point 8.5 Inches Fine Quality

8.5 Inch Fine Crystal Point Ron Coleman Crystals

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This is a very fine large, thick crystal point that was hand dug. There is no polish nor cutting done to any area of the crystal except for the bottom to allow it to stand upright. It was cleaned only. 
Approximate measurements: 8.5 inches tall by 5 inches wide by 5.5 inches deep 

Origin: Ron Coleman Mine, Jessieville, Arkansas 

Weight: 8.35 pounds