8mm Goldstone Positive Goldstone Gemstone Stretchy Bracelet – Ron Coleman Mining
8mm Goldstone Bracelet

8mm Goldstone Positive Goldstone Gemstone Stretchy Bracelet

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 This gemstone bracelet is made out of 8mm sized goldstone beads. The beads are a earthy copper color with shimmering blitter that sparkles intensely when light hits it.

Goldstone is a man-made colored glass that contains abundant, flat-faced, highly reflective inclusions. The reflective inclusions have a bright metallic luster, and their glittering appearance immediately attracts attention. This exciting appearance has made goldstone a popular man-made gem and sculptural material. It is often cut into cabochons, hearts, beads, spheres, pendulums, arrowheads, and small sculptures. It is a popular material for making tumbled stones.

 Measurements: The measurements of this Goldstone bracelet is one size fits most.

Stretch Bead Bracelet