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Authentic Wyoming Fossilized Fish
Green River, Wyoming, Framed Wall Hanging Genuine Fish Fossil
Close Up View Of Fossilized Fish

Petrified Fish Wall Hanging Curated Luxury Decor Authentic Artifact Fossilized Fish Specimen

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Place this beautiful, elevated wall accessory in any room of your home to create a conversation.  The natural neutral tones will look lovely in any space. Luxury home decor accent - authentic fossilized fish specimens in a beautiful wood frame.   Diplyomystus and Notogoneus Osculus specimens.

The Green River Formation of Wyoming produces some of the best preserved and most abundant fossil fish in the world. There are several operating commercial quarries in the area around Kemmerer, Wyoming unearthing these amazing Eocene aged fossils.

Origin - Wyoming

Approximate measurements: 21 inches tall by 45 inches wide by 2 inches deep. 

Please call for wholesale price with your valid resale tax identification number  - 501-984-5396

Curated Home Decor Accessory