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Large Chrysanthemum Stone On Carved Wood Display Stand
Chrysanthemum Stone On Base Luxury Decor
Crystanthemum Stone Luxury Decor Black White Gray Tones

Black White Chrysanthemum Stone With Wood Base Luxury Decor

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Tall Chrysanthemum stone. This is a large, natural, interior decor accessory statement mineral specimen.  A beautiful luxury home accessory with natural black, white, and gray tones.  

Origin - China

Approximate dimensions of this piece are 45 inches tall by 18 inches wide by 8 inches deep.

Chrysanthemum stone metaphysical properties are believed to inspire and enliven. It is said to help lift depression and increase friendliness and happiness and bring the joy of achievement. Chrysanthemum stone has been used to dispel ignorance, bigotry, and self-righteousness.

The chrysanthemum stone is a dark gray to black limestone matrix with andalusite crystals taking on the appearance of a chrysanthemum flower and contains more than 10 kinds of trace elements, such as selenium, strontium, gold, silver, & bismuth.

The black rock itself is a piece of limestone. Although lime stones generally are lighter in color, this one is quite black because of the presence of substantial amounts of organic carbon. This rock is Permian in age, from a time when many areas that today make up China were offshore or underwater plateaus.

The white pattern on the rock is formed of crystals of celestine (or celestite), a strontium-sulfate mineral. Celestine commonly forms elongate crystals of the form seen here, although these are fairly rare in that they’re so thin and on the surface of another rock.

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