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Opaque Quartz Crystals $50 Per Pound
Crystals Points Sold In Bulk From Ron Coleman Mine
Crystal Point With Broken Tip
Quartz Crystal Point Ron Coleman Mining $50 Per Pound
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Opaque Quartz Crystals $50 Per Pound
Opaque Crystal Points Sold By The Pound $50

Bulk Quartz Crystal Points $50 Per Pound Mostly Opaque

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Do you know where your quartz crystals were mined?  Were they sourced ethically? All of the Arkansas quartz crystals in this collection are mined by the Coleman family at Ron Coleman Mining in Jessieville, Arkansas.  

This bulk purchase is for quartz crystals that are opaque in clarity and color, there may be chips and broken areas. Crystal size will vary from small to fist size. If you have a special request on the size crystals you wish to be included in your order - use the "Comment" section on the order page.   

Wholesale Pricing Available - Sold In Bulk $50 Per Pound Retail

Please call 501-984-5396 or email your resale tax certificate to info@roncolemanmining.com for wholesale quartz crystal pricing 

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