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Zebra Calcite Sold By The Pound
Zebra Calcite Specimen Cream Tip Black And White Stripes
Zebra Calcite Specimen White With Black Stripes
Uncut Zebra Rock Specimens Sold By The Pound

Zebra Calcite Bulk Uncut $12.00 Per Pound

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Zebra Calcite sold in bulk $12.00 per pound. Uncut stone specimens. Color will vary on this natural stone. Sizes are fist to 12 inches,  Note on your order if you want multiple small stones. Otherwise, the fulfillment specialist will ship the largest single stone in the weight you selected. Looking at the natural zebra- like patterns within this specimen one can understand the name. 

Metaphysical properties: Zebra Calcite is believed to be a stone of peace, love, healing, purification and energy

Origin: Mexico