Bumblebee Jasper Eclipse Jasper Uncut, Unpolished, Rough Pieces

Bumble Bee Jasper Eclipse Jasper Rough $30 Per Pound

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Our beautiful uncut, unpolished, rough Bumble Bee Jasper (also known as Eclipse Jasper) is sold by the pound.  Bumble Bee Jasper is a strong earth energy stone (Feng Shui), that embodies within it the strong energy of the volcano from which it was formed. It stimulates both the sacral and solar plexus chakras.  The natural tones of this stone are yellow, black, white and gray.  

Please note:  The size of these stones average 2 inches and larger. The colors will vary because it is natural/untreated.  Use the note section of the order form if you have a size preference.  The Mohs hardness scale is 5 (Diamond is 10). Call 501-948-5396 with any questions as all sales are final.