Chrysanthemum Flower Stone Tall – Ron Coleman Mining
Chrysanthemum Stone Specimen
Side View Chrysanthemum Stone On Wood Base
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Chrysanthemum Flower Stone Tall

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This beautiful Chrysanthemum Stone rests on a cherry tone wooden base. It is a black limestone mineral specimen that will have naturally occurring tones of gray and white.  This is a naturally occurring phenomenon that appears in a unique pattern embedded in the stone that resemble a flowering chrysanthemum. This stone allows one to blossom in life, helping one to see their true purpose. Keeping it along for your journey, this overtly energetic stone assists in helping its owner see the opportunities as they unfold in front of them. Gifting us with the realization that, like the flower, we have a beginning, middle and end stage, which needs to be lived to its fullest from start to finish. It lends itself to the sense of balance between both the physical world, as well as the spiritual world.

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Origin - China

Approximate dimensions of this piece are 27 by 13 by 9 inches.


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