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2 Foot Tall Quartz Crystal Tabby Ron Coleman Mining
Collector Quartz Crystal
Side View Of 25 Inch Arkansas Quartz Crystal
Extra Large Pristine Quartz Point

Collectible Quartz Crystals 2 Foot Tall Arkansas Point With Tabby

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Unique, highly collectible and rare, very Large Tabby Point quartz crystal. Place this beautiful specimen under spot lighting or direct sunlight to enjoy the sparkle.  This is a positive energy stone.  Change the energy in any space using crystals.  Our quartz crystals are mined by hand, placed into a basket, laid on a wash table to be sprayed with pressurized spring water multiple times prior to being placed in a vat filled with oxalic acid. Each crystal must be thoroughly cleaned to remove all oxalic solution.  They are then laid out to dry.  Once dry the crystal is thoroughly inspected, graded and priced. 

Origin - Ron Coleman Mine, Jessieville, Arkansas

Approximate dimensions of this piece are 25 inches tall by 20 inches wide by 18 inches deep

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 Collectible Quartz Tabby Crystal Rock Specimen