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Side View Of Table Top Size Crystal Cluster From Ron Coleman Mining
One Of A Kind Arkansas Quartz Crystal Cluster
Close Up Of Quartz Crystal Cluster
Side View Unique Crystal Cluster Formation
View Of Largest Point Growth On Arkansas Quartz Crystal Cluster
Alternate View Quartz Crystal Cluster With Clear Points
Close Up View Of Several Points On Large Quartz Crystal Cluster

Collector Arkansas Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster Rock Specimen Positive Energy Stone

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This is a beautiful and unique Arkansas Quartz Crystal rock specimen that is water clear with perfect points.  Take a moment to roll over the images.  This is a spectacular specimen that is collector quality.  Natural crystals are considered to be healing stones.  Add sparkle and positive energy to your space by adding this mineral decor to your space.  

Origin: Ron Coleman Mining, Jessieville, Arkansas

Weight: 1.2  lbs

Approximate measurements:  4 1/2 inches by 5 inches by 3 inches. 

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