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Unique Arkansas Quartz Crystal Large Points
Unique Large Point Crystal Cluster
Akashic Lines Crystal Cluster
Side View Crystal Cluster Unique Collector Specimen
View Of Unique Crystal Cluster Laying On Side

Collector Crystal Cluster Arkansas Self Healed With Akashic Lines

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This beautiful quartz crystal cluster, unearthed at Ron Coleman Mining, Arkansas has Akashic lines.  This natural rock specimen also has multiple crystal points and is self healed.  Very high energy crystal for Metaphysical healing and Feng Shui interior design.  Know where your crystal has been sourced.  You can even visit our mine if you are looking for a fun family activity. Dig the crystal experience at  Ron Coleman Mining. 

Approximate measurements: 5 inches tall by 3.58 inches wide by 4 inches deep

Weight: 1.50 pounds

Unique self healed crystal rock with Akashic lines