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Chlorite Inclusion Quartz Cut & Polished Point
Brazilian Polished And Cut Crystal Point With Chlorite
Chlorite Inclusion Quartz Cut & Polished Point

Cut And Polished Brazilian Quartz Crystal Chlorite Inside The Rock

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Chlorite Quartz is the name given to any quartz that is inside or coated with chlorite. Chlorite deposits on the quartz surface and grows larger, forming a green ghost crystal within the quartz itself.  The smaller green ghost crystal is referred to as Phantom Quartz.  It is a cut and polished rock.

Healing Crystals. Brazilian Quartz Healing Crystals. Very popular metaphysically, Quartz raises consciousness towards enlightenment and purifies on all levels. Known as "The Stone of Power", Quartz amplifies energy and intention.

This stone has beautiful tones of green and white chlorite.

Approximate measurements: 5 inches tall by 4 inches wide by 4.5 inches deep


Weight: 1.85 pounds