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Natural Petrified Wood Specimen Brown Cream Black Colors
Natural Petrified Wood Specimen Brown Cream Black Colors
Rustic Petrified Wood Slab

Decorating Ideas Geological Decor Spruce Petrified Fossilized Wood Slice

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Are you scratching your head about unique decorating ideas?  Have you considered geological decor? This Spruce petrified wood specimen is from Oregon.  It is a very nice size slice/slab that has natural neutral color tones. If you are looking for a unique interior design element that will be used as a focal point, look no more!  Imagine this piece as a focal point in your home or office. Luxury one-of-a-kind interior design can be found throughout our online store and in our retail location.  

Approximate dimensions of this piece are 29 by 24 by 2 inches.

Please call 501-984-5396 for wholesale pricing (resale tax number required) or with any questions or requests for additional images.  We are here to help you make your decision.