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Heart Shape Pyrite Rock For Home Decor
Close Up Of Pyrite Heart
Polished Pyrite Heart Mineral Home Decor
Fools Gold Pyrite Heart Home Decor
Side View Polished Pyrite Heart

Fools Gold Pyrite Heart Home Decor

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This polished heart Pyrite rock is a sparking addition to your home décor.   Pyrite is considered a protective stone, shielding the area from all types of negative energy and is considered to also protect the space from environmental pollutants. It is also known as "Fools Gold" because it resembles gold to the untrained eye. It is a must have for your Feng Shui collection because it wakes up any space. Many people place it in the abundance and wealth quadrant as it is an excellent source of energy for any business endeavor.  

Approximate measurements: 2.5 inches tall by 3. inches wide by 1.5 inches deep. 

Weight: 1.25 pounds