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Green Opal Specimens Uncut
Green Opal Specimens $8 Per Pound

Green Opal Not Tumbled Or Cut $8 Per Pound Buy In Bulk

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Uncut Green Opal sold by the pound. Buy uncut rock specimens in bulk. These specimens are not cut or polished.  They are in their natural state.  Sizes are 2 inches to 12 inches.  Minimum purchase is 2 pounds.  Mohs hardness: 5-6.5

Green Opal cleanses the heart chakra to allow us to experience but not be ruled by emotion. It also clears blockages in the third eye chakra which help us to think clearly and with purpose. Green Opal strengthens relationships and clears negative emotions by filling the spirit with renewed joy, old wounds fade as new passions grow in their place.

Origin: Australia