Hand Carved Amethyst Sculpture Luxury Home Decor
Close Up Amethyst Druzy On Carved Sculpture
Amethyst Sculpture Floral Style
Amethyst Sculpture Hand Carved Unique Stone Focal Point Interior Design
Amethyst Sculpture Alternate View

Hand Carved Amethyst Sculpture On Black Turnable Base Floral Decor

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Beautiful hand carved Amethyst sculpture with soft lines and beautiful crystals.  The royal pop of color this will make in your space will invite many conversations.  The creation of sparkles when placed under light will evoke positive and soothing energy. This rock specimen is art for your home or office.   

Has an amazing base that you can spin the piece 360 degrees in either direction.

This sculpture is sculpted out of one single Amethyst piece.

Origin - Brazil

Home decor accent. Interior design stone statement piece that is purple quartz

Approximate dimensions of this piece are 31 inches tall by 14 inches wide  by 11 inches deep.

Please call 501-984-5396 for wholesale price or email your sales tax certificate to info@roncolemanmining.com

Shipping: Local pick up, buyer arranged freight or call with location for in-house delivery pricing.