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Tabby Healed Quartz Crystal Ron Coleman Mining
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Side View Of Flat Healed Crystal
9 Inch Arkansas Tabby Quartz Crystal
Side View Of Flat Healed Crystal From Ron Coleman Mining

Healed Quartz Crystal Tabular Tabby 9 inches With Stand

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Highly sought and rare tabby, tabular, flat quartz crystal mined at Ron Coleman Mining that is completely healed. Price includes display stand.  Metaphysical healing stone.  High energy crystal.

Weight - 2.7 pounds

Size - 9 inches wide by 5 inches tall by 1 inch deep

Healed Tabby quartz crystal with display stand. 

Metaphysical and Feng Shui room focal point.  Imagine this unique crystal on your fireplace mantle.  Unique interior design element. Statement piece.  Rock hound gift. This beautiful specimen was mined in Arkansas at Ron Coleman Mining.