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Bulk Uncut Light Amethyst Druzy Rough
Light Amethyst Rough Uncut Stones By The Pound
LIght Amethyst Druzy Crystal Rough
Bulk Amethyst Rough Uncut Raw Stones

Jewelry Making Supplies Bulk Rough Amethyst Rock $4.00 Per Pound

Regular price $4.00 Sale

These rocks are uncut, rough, unpolished, pieces ranging in size from 1 inch to 8 inches long.  Use as mineral home decor or to make jewelry. We estimate you can get approximately 9 one inch or smaller pieces to one pound. Please use the comment part of the order form to specify if you want as many small pieces as possible, a single large rock or a mix.  If you do not specify, you will receive a mix.  

Your order is shipped within 3 week days of purchase.

Origin:  Brazil

Darker Amethyst Rock $6.00 Per Pound:

Bulk Amethyst Rough $4.00 Per Pound

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