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Bulk Uncut Light Amethyst Druzy Rough
Light Amethyst Rough Uncut Stones By The Pound
LIght Amethyst Druzy Crystal Rough
Bulk Amethyst Rough Uncut Raw Stones

Jewelry Making Supplies Bulk Amethyst $4.00 Uncut Stones Mineral Home Decor

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These rocks are uncut, rough, unpolished, pieces ranging in size from 1 inch to 8 inches long.  Use as mineral home decor or to make jewelry. We estimate you can get approximately 9 one inch or smaller pieces to one pound. Please use the comment part of the order form to specify if you want as many small pieces as possible, a single large rock or a mix.  If you do not specify, you will receive a mix.  

Your order is shipped within 3 week days of purchase.

Origin:  Brazil

Darker Amethyst Rough $6.00 Per Pound:  https://bit.ly/2B3MqEP

Bulk Amethyst Rough $4.00 Per Pound

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