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Amethyst Cathedral Pair
Side View Luxury Mineral Decor Amethyst Cathedral
Side View Of Druzy Crystals And Calcite On Amethyst Cathedral Pair
Amethyst Cathedral Pair

Luxury Home Decor Amethyst Geode Pair Gorgeous Druzy Crystals

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Look at this amazing Amethyst geode druzy crystal pair!  The sparkles generating from these beautiful mineral decor specimens will enthrall your family and guests.  View the colors found in these stones - green, lavender, purple, white, gray and beige. Place them together on a massive fireplace mantle/seat or separate them to enhance any space. Decorate your commercial space using these as a focal point that will create much conversation and positive energy.  Feng Shui decorators consider placing these as a beautiful and energy enhancing element.  A a touch of royal purple to your luxury interior design home decor.  These Amethysts get their color from copper within the earth in Brazil.  Amethyst have amazing metaphysical healing properties. Continue to view this gallery for an extensive selection of luxury home decor. 

Origin: Brazil

Approximate measurements: 27 inches tall by 14 inches wide by 13 inches deep

Estimated weight: 223 pounds

If you have a sales tax id number, we are happy to provide wholesale pricing.

Shipping: Local pick-up, buyer arranged freight or call with your location for in-house delivery pricing