Sparkling Large Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster From Arkansas
Alternate View Unique Quartz Crystal CLuster WIth Multiple Clear Points
Bottom View Quartz Crystal Cluster Water Clear Points
Beautiful Arkansas Quartz Crystal Cluster
Ron Coleman Mined Quartz Crystal Cluster
Unique Ron Coleman Mined Large Clear Quartz Crystal Cluster With Rulers Showing Size

Luxury Mineral Decor Beautiful Clear Arkansas Quartz Crystal Cluster

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Absolutely stunning and beautiful Arkansas quartz crystal cluster with large water clear points that was mined locally right here at Ron Coleman Mining. This Arkansas quartz crystal will be a gorgeous, sparkling accent to any room.  Consider placing it near a window to see the rainbow effect of scintillation created by sunlight.  Place it on a pedestal for a unique interior design focal point. 

Origin:  Ron Coleman Mining, Arkansas 

Weight - 17.35 pounds

Size - 12 inches tall by 12 inches wide by 5 inches deep

Amazing water clear points

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