Red Slag Glass Cullet Opaque Red Slag $4 Per Pound – Ron Coleman Mining
Red Slag Glass Cullet $4 Per Pound

Red Slag Glass Cullet Opaque Red Slag $4 Per Pound

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Red slag glass, cullet, opaque is perfect to use for landscape accents, decor and as a fire pit border. All in this color are opaque tones of red.  We cannot guarantee what shade of red or size availability. Sizes range from 2 inches to 6 inches.  Make your request in the order notes and hit return for it to be saved.  We will contact you prior to fulfilling your order if the size you request is not available.

Slag glass is used to create jewelry, wind chimes, outdoor landscape accent, gabion,  and several other DIY projects.

This product is available online only.  It is not sold in store.

Minimum Purchase: 3 pounds

Red Slag Glass