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Rose Quartz Uncut Unpolished $6.00 per pound
Rough Rose Quartz Rock Specimen
Pink Stone Rose Quartz Rock Specimen Natural Uncut
Rose Quartz Rough Uncut Stone Specimens $6.00 Per Pound
Rose Quartz Rough Pieces $6.00 Per Pound Various Sizes And Color Tones

Rose Quartz Natural Unpolished Rock Tumbling $6 Per Pound

Regular price $6.00 Sale

Natural Rose Quartz rough, uncut rock sold by the pound.  Sizes and color variations in this purchase.  If you must have all small pieces, larger pieces or a mix of sizes, please make a note on your order. Otherwise, our fulfillment specialist will decide.  Place a bowl of rose quartz at your beside to calm you prior to sleep. 

Origin: South Dakota

Rose Quartz sold in bulk at $6.00 per pound