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Tall Selenite Specimen With Pink Quartz Crystals At The Bottom
Selenite For Table Top Home Decor
Gorgeous Selenite Specimen Feng Shui Element
Side View Of Selenite Quartz Crystal Specimen Showing Pink Quartz Crystals
Close Up of Selenite

Selenite Stand Alone Specimen Sparkling Home Decor Crystal Energy

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Sparkling Selenite stand alone specimen that is the perfect size for table top home decor element.  Sparkling natural home decor accessories are difficult to find.  The natural structure of this crystal makes it usable in two baguas of  Feng Shui interior design element placement.  Metaphysical properties of this crystal specimen are very high energy.  Place this stone and change the energy of any room. 

Here’s a general list of what each color activates:

  • Red: luck and wealth
  • Orange: happiness and fun
  • Yellow: mental stimulation, power
  • Green: peace, balance, healing
  • Blue: calmness, communication, spirituality
  • Purple: wealth, high spirituality
  • White: cleansing and purity
  • Black: power, especially when paired with red
  • Brown: nurturing

Selenite is a crystallized form of Gypsum, which is used for good luck and protection.  The powerful vibration of Selenite can clear, open, and activate the Crown and Higher Chakras and is excellent for all types of spiritual work. Selenite can also be used to strengthen the memory.

Approximate measurements: 13 inches tall by 8 inches wide by 7 inches deep.

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