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Slag Glass $3.00 Per Pound Yellow, Clear, White, Cobalt Blue, Green Light Blue
Yellow Slag Glass
Light Blue Slag Glass
Bowl Of Slag Glass On Patio Table
Clear Slag Glass With Orange Accents
Green Slag Glass
Cobalt Blue To Clear Slag Glass

Slag Glass $3.00 Per Pound Tablescape Idea Jewelry Making Supplies

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 Slag glass in a variety of sizes and colors. Images do not show all sizes. The last several images are 6-10 inches and 6-8 pounds each. However, we have pebble size slag glass as well. Also, sizes for jewelry making. These slag stones don't have polished surface:
may include surface signs of swirls, sweeping curved lines, etched or parallel lines, chipping at the edges, scuffing, or nicks. Stones shine brightly at the sun and have fantastic colors like a sorcerer's stone.

 We offer the best pricing in the area.  Most internet sellers require a 200-pound minimum purchase.  Our pricing is for 3-pounds minimum.   $3.00 per pound up to 49 pounds. There is a price break to $2.00 per pound for orders over 50 pounds.  If you must have a single larger piece, want one color only, or need a certain length range,  please note your request in the comments section of your order. Unfortunately, we cannot fill orders for specific length and width measurements.   Blue slag glass, white slag glass, green slag glass, clear slag glass are beautiful to display in a grouping.  We place a variety of colors in a clear glass box and group with different candles.  It makes a lovely tablescape for your home or patio 

$3.00 per pound - Bulk Slag Glass - Rocks For Jewelry Making 

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