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Sodalite Rock Specimens Sold By The Pound Uncut Not Polished
Sodalite Uncut Rough Stone & Rulers Showing size
Blue And White Uncut Stone Sodalite With Ruler
Grouping Of Blue Stones Sodalite Uncut Rough Sold In Bulk $6.00 Per Pound

Sodalite Rough Stone $6.00 Per Pound In Bulk Rich Blue Rock

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Sodalite is a rich blue ornamental mineral originally discovered in Greenland in 1806.  It is called the wisdom stone and is said to enhance concentration.   Group this beautiful blue, gray, white, opaque stone with quartz crystals to make a beautiful display.

These rough, uncut rock specimens will be shipped in a variety of sizes from pebble to fist size and the color will vary due to the fact they are natural.  If you require a certain size, please note on your order. 

Origin: Brazil

Sodalite Rough $6.00 Per Pound

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