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Bulk Apache Calcite Rough Stone Natural Colors Are Red White And Black Sold By The Pound At Ron Coleman Mining In Jessieville, Arkansas
Close Up View Of Apache Calcite Stone With Ruler

Tri-Color Apache Calcite Bulk Rock Red White Black $6 Per Pound

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Tri-Color or Apache Calcite is a natural stone with colors including red, white and a band of black.  The energy of calcite is gentle, cleansing and revitalizing.  It will assist in opening blockages and activating the energy systems of the body.  Please note the rough rocks/stones will range in size and there will be color variances due to the fact it is a natural stone.  If you have a preference in size make a note on your order. 

Colors: Red, White and Band of Black

Origin: Mexico

This product is sold for $6.00 per pound