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Uncut Unpolished Emerald Rough Specimen
Uncut Emerald Specimen With Ruler
Uncut Emerald Specimen With Ruler
Uncut Emerald Rough Stones $9.00 Per Pound

Unpolished Emerald Rock Specimen Sold In Bulk $9.00 Per Pound

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Emerald rock specimen. These are not cut and not polished.  In their natural form.  Perfect for a hobby lapidarist or as a gift for a rock hound. Use these raw, rough rocks/stones for tumbling. Beautiful green, black and gray tones.  Please note: the size and color of these specimens will vary due to it's natural condition.  If you prefer a certain size please note on your order.  Otherwise, you will receive pebble to fist size rough. 

Origin: Colombia

$9.00 Per Pound Bulk Natural Emerald