Vase Carved Mineral Vase Black Onyx, Red Onyx, Green Onyx, Tan Onyx Vase – Ron Coleman Mining
Black Onyx Carved Vase
Red Onyx Vase
Green Onyx Vase
Tan Onyx Vase
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Vase Carved Mineral, Black Onyx Vessel, Red Onyx Container, Green Onyx Decor, Tan Onyx Carved Vase

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Introduce a beautiful aesthetic to your home with a gorgeously hand carved vase designed by a skillful artisan. Minimalist, modern, and abstract vibes will give your home a comforting look. Perfect for placement on tabletops or shelves, filled with your favorite bouquet of flowers. Due to the unique nature of onyx stones, each decorative vase varies in color and design, and may not exactly replicate the item displayed in the online photos. Variation in color and design is normal. This highly polished rock vase is available in a variety of natural colors.

Choose from black onyx, red onyx, green onyx or tan onyx.

It measures nearly 8″ tall x approximately 3″ in diameter at the widest point.