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Wavellite Stone Uncut Sold In Bulk
Arkansas Stone Wavellite
Arkansas Wavellite WIth Ruler Showing Size
Wavellite Rough Stones $10.00 Per Pound

Wavellite Rough Stones $10.00 Per Pound

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Wavellite (Wavelite) rough uncut unpolished stones. Wavellite is often used in magic and crystal healing to promote the smooth flow of energy and to enhance the decision making process. There are a handful of crystals valued for their ability to improve the decision making process. Wavellite is believed to be the only one among them to work at the root level.

Please note the color will vary because these are natural and uncut.  The size of the stones will be small, medium and large.  If you want all small stones, please note on your order. 

Use the comment section on your order if you have a specific request.

Origin: Arkansas

Wavellite $10.00 Per pound