Quartzsite Mineral Show – Ron Coleman Mining

Quartzsite Mineral Show

Ron Coleman Quartz Mining will be selling in Quartzsite, Arizona from December 16 through February 20, 2023.   We are open every day 9 am to 5 pm. Our building is located at 35 Kuehn in the Prospector's Panorama area.   Browse quartz crystal points and clusters by the tray or hand select what you seek.  There are specimens priced individually or by the pound.  Walk through the building to see small, medium and large quartz specimens in good, medium and fine grade.  Each crystal is hand dug at our Jessieville, Arkansas Quartz Mine.   Our miners remove them from the earth, clean with natural spring water, soak in Oxalic acid and rinse again.  Unlike many crystal sellers, our quartz is not cut and polished.  Know all about where the crystals you purchase are sourced when you buy from our store.  Our staff are rock hounds that are knowledgeable about quartz and about our mine.  Another great reason to shop at our store, you will save money when you buy direct from the quartz mine.