Zip Lining – Ron Coleman Mining

Zip Lining

Not sure what zip-lining is all about? Well, picture this: you’re strapped in to a harness that’s secured to dual cable lines above your head. While you’re up there, you’ll have a crystal clear view of everything below you, as well as the scenery for miles around, giving you a one-of-a-kind experience that only zip lines at Ron Coleman Crystal Mine, Arkansas can provide! 

If you’re a bit scared by the description, don’t worry—it’s natural to feel a few pangs while you’re getting hooked up, but as soon as you’re gliding along on the line, your fears will melt away. Many people find zip-lining to be exciting, exhilarating and even relaxing when you consider the fresh air and serene view you’ll have!

  •  Single Zip-Line Ride: $30   
  •  Unlimited 1 Day Adult Zip Line Bracelet (16&Up) $55   
  •  Unlimited 1 Day Child Zip Line Bracelet (5-15)  $45

Note: Zip-line hours are 9:30 am to 5:00 pm every day during the season. 30 minute lunch is taken by zip staff during the noon hour.  Please note: Lightening may require temporary zip-line closure in 30 minute intervals. 

What do I wear? - Long hair needs to be pulled back in a manner that allows you to wear the required helmet.  We strongly suggest closed toe shoes.

All zip line staff are required to complete a 40 hour hands-on training certification class, and pass a written and skills test before zipping any guest.  Ongoing training is required for all zip crew.

For more information about our zip-lines, please use the "Chat" feature or contact us at 800-291-4484.

Zip-Lining Over An Active Quartz Crystal Mine Kathy Coleman taking a zip trip