FAQ – Ron Coleman Mining


Frequently Asked Questions:

Current Crystal Digging Hours:  8 am to 4:30 pm every day except Thanksgiving, Christmas & Easter.

Where do I find discount coupons? Diamond Lakes Guide has a coupon inside the publication and are available at most hotels in Hot Springs and Hot Springs Village.  There are also $5 off coupons at The Village Inn, Melinda's Coffee, Hot Springs Village Chamber, One-Of-A Kind Antiques, Los Lagos in Hot Springs Village ($5 off coupon can be used on a single activity only.  It may not be combined with any already discounted package)

Wholesale Pricing: Please email your resale tax certificate, phone number and address to info@roncolemanmining.com to establish an account.  We will assign a discount code specific to your business and address to be used at checkout.  Our wholesale office is open weekdays from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm.  Saturday or Sunday wholesale buying is by appointment. 

Mining: Our public digging area is a 4 acre area with tailings brought up from our commercial mining operation.  For safety reasons, we do not open pockets in the commercial mining area for public digging.

Non-Event Crystal Mining Prices: Adult: $25, Senior: $20, Children (7-15) $5.00, 6 & under: Free (There is a charge for all persons in a group)

Do You Open A Pocket: No. we have a public digging area. 

Hours: The mine is open 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year (Closed Easter, Thanksgiving & Christmas).  Hours: Day after Labor Day through day before Memorial Day: 8 am to 4:30 pm.  Hours: Memorial Day through Labor Day:  8 am to 5:30 pm.  * Please note:  We do not sell digging permits 60 minutes before the digging area closes.  

Annual Holiday Closures: Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas day

Do you rent tools? No, we do not rent tools and equipment. It is not included in your daily dig fee. You are welcome to bring your own tools or purchase in our Gift Shop or bring your own.  Current tool prices are as follow: small shovel-$4, double sided tool - $6, weeding tool/cultivator - $4, gloves - $4.50, bucket -$5 (a bag for your finds is included in your daily digging fee)

What should I bring?  We suggest you bring a small ice chest, snacks, water, hat, sunscreen, old clothes, old sneakers or boots, protective eye wear, heavy gloves, 5 gallon bucket, garden shovel or cultivator, (tools are available for sale), if you have a wagon to carry your tools and finds; bring it!  An umbrella or pop up canopy will give you cover during the hot days of summer.  

Where do I clean my crystals?  We have closed our wash stations. Take your finds home and use a water host outside to wash off excess dirt.  Do not wash your crystals in sinks.  Crystals will damage ceramic or stone sinks and the dirt will stop up the pipes.  We sell Oxalic acid in the Gift Shop to take home with you to clean them completely.  We use Oxalic acid in our cleaning process.  

Do You Assist In Loading Large Crystals?  We no longer assist in loading crystals. 

 Can you keep what you find?  Yes, you can keep everything you dig for no extra charge. Bring a box, newspaper or zip lock bags to protect what you find.

Do you have restrooms?  Yes, we have restroom facilities in our Gift Shop and 3 port-o-potties in the parking lot of the dig area.  The restrooms at the campground are for persons staying in the campground only (they remain locked 24 hours)

Do you have showers?  We have shower passes for sale in our Gift Shop. You will present the pass to the bathhouse attendant.

Are you handicap accessible?  Our main parking area and Gift Shop area are on level surfaces and easily maneuvered.  If you are interested in taking the tour, there is pea gravel on the ground near the truck. An all terrain wheelchair or assistance is needed to make the trek to the public digging area.  Please do not hesitate to call 501-984-5396 to ask specific questions about your needs.

Are you pet friendly?  Yes, we welcome your furry friends. Our greeter, Bella, is here most days.  We ask you only bring well behaved pets to the mine, they must be on a leash no longer than 6 feet and under owner control at all times. Be sure to bring a bowl for water and bags to clean up after your pet. You will be asked to leave If you do not clean up after your pet.  

Where do I stay?  We have an RV park for travel trailers, motor homes and tent camping.  We also have two tiny homes. Please note: we do not allow car/truck camping (if the truck has a camper, you are allowed) Call 501-209-9933 to request a campsite/tiny cabin or book at  https://bit.ly/3MWAPuq to book after hours. The Village Inn is located at 4429 N Highway 7 in Hot Springs Village (501- 922-9600 mention Ron Coleman Mine to receive a discount), Fox Pass Cabins offers our guests $10.00 off nightly rental, is located at 1287 Fox Pass Cutoff, Hot Springs, AR (501-545-0344, offers 10% base discount to our guests, Comfort Suites offers our guests a 10% discount, 3627 Central Avenue, Hot Springs, AR (501-623-1700), Hotel Hale is a newly renovated boutique hotel located on Bathhouse Row, 341 Central Avenue, Hot Springs National Park, (501)760-9010. There are VRBO's in Hot Springs Village.  Los Lagos offers discount coupons to their guests: https://www.loslagosathotspringsvillage.com  Or enter Ron Coleman Mining in your search to find condos and homes nearest the West Gate. Lake Ouachita State Park (Mountain Pine) has cabins for rent.  You can stay at our campground even if you don't own a travel trailer because you can rent a camper from Hot Springs Camper Rental  (501-226-7560) and they will deliver a travel trailer to our campground, set it up for you and then pick it up when your stay is complete. 

Zip-Line: Hours: 

Opens at 9:30 am. Non-Event Pricing: Unlimited Package: (includes mining, tour and zip) Adult: $55, Children (5-15): $45.00 (please note: zip-line is closed for lunch between 11:30 am and 12:00 pm) 

Zip-line Weight requirements: Minimum: 45 pounds/Maximum: 280 pounds (a child may be required to wear a weight vest) Please note:  the zip-line will close for 30 minutes each time there is an occurrence of thunder or lightning. 

Non-Event Package Pricing: Mining & Tour: Adult: $35, Children (7-15): $12.50, 6 & under: Free ($5 coupon may not be used on any package)

Non-Event Unlimited Package: Day fee for mining, unlimited zip lining, tour: Adult: $55.00, Children: $45.00 ($5 off coupon may not be used on any package) Please Note:  No unlimited packages will be sold April 6-8, 2024.

Tour Times:  Memorial Day through Labor Day Daily - 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 1:30, 2:30, 3:30 and 4:30.  Day after Labor Day to day before Memorial Day -9:00, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 1:30, 2:30, 3:30.  Tours last from 45 to 60 minutes 

Food:  You are welcome to bring an ice chest with your own food (no glass or alcoholic drinks allowed).  There are snacks and drinks for sale in our gift shop.   There is also a drink and snack cart that drives through the public digging area throughout the day.

Crystal Ridge RV Park At Ron Coleman Reservations:  Reserve at www.crystalridgervpark.com or call 501-209-9933 between the hours of 8 am and 8 pm. Payment is required on all reservations for booking. No long-term rentals are available.  We do not allow car camping. Tent camping and primitive camping is allowed. We do not guarantee a specific campsite and there is no guarantee of availability without reservations.

Refund Policy:  We do not give refunds on products or activities. We remain open for crystal digging when it rains.  Please check the weather before you visit.  Our zip-line is closed in 30-minute intervals for each occurrence of thunder or lightning. Our policy is posted on signage on all doors and the cash registers.  Please do not ask our staff to make an exception as they have no authority in the matter.  They must follow company policy.