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Petrified Wood Slice From Oregon Slightly Under 3 Foot In Diameter
Petrified Wood Origin Oregon Brown Cream Color
Large Slab Of Petrified Wood From Oregon

Petrified Wood Slab Geology In Decor Asymmetrical Fossilized Wood Slice From Oregon

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This is a beautiful piece of petrified wood. Petrified wood can help anyone who is stuck or feels frozen in time. It offers a foundation on which to launch a new path.  At just under 3 foot in diameter, it would make for a lovely side table.  The natural color tones of this specimen are cream, brown, gray and black.  Geology in decor is a unique way to accessorize your home.  Our site has many choices.  Take time to browse and be sure to ask questions. 

Origin - Oregon

Approximate measurements: 30 inches  by 33 inches by 2 inches thick

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