Polished Sodalite Palm Stone – Ron Coleman Mining
Front Side Of Sodalite Palm Stone
Back Side Of Sodalite Palm Stone
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Polished Sodalite Palm Stone

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 Sodalite is a beautiful mineral specimen to have. Hold these in your pocket, place around your home, give it to a loved one, or use it in a crystal grid. These palm stones are a deep blue, light blue, and white marbled crystal stone combination.

 Sodalite can be a great tool for healing and spiritual growth. It can be used to enhance self-expression by soothing the soul, and with that being said it then can strengthen your intuition. 

Sodalite is not classified as a rock, it's not hard enough. It is classified as a deep and blue mineral. It is great for making into jewelry, statues, and pyramids too!

 Measurements: This Sodalite palm stone is 1.50 inches wide and is 1.75 inches long.

NOTE: This product listing is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose, or prevent any medical conditions. Also, the stone that you see in the picture might not be the one you receive, but one similar.

Cleaning Instructions: You can clean this with a damp soft cloth, then pat dry.

Shipping Terms: Your order will be carefully packed and shipped vis USPS or UPS with in 3 weekdays upon completed check out.