Red Goldstone Glass Uncut $12 Per Pound – Ron Coleman Mining
Glittering Golden Brown Goldstone Gold Flecks

Red Goldstone Glass Uncut $12 Per Pound

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Gorgeous red Goldstone rough, uncut glass specimens sold by the pound. Product will have variance in color. Specimens measure approximately adult fist size or larger. Glittering golden, reddish-brown color. These pieces sparkle under light. Goldstone is said to bring feelings of positivity.  Please note this is manmade glass. There will be variances in each piece of goldstone.

If you prefer a certain size(s) please note on your order (hit return to save the note). Otherwise, the fulfillment specialist will send the largest stone in the weight you choose. 

Minimum order: 3 pounds (due to current stock ) Please note: the number in quantity is for total pounds NOT for total pieces.

Red Goldstone For Sale