Small Raw Natural Amber Mineral Specimen – Ron Coleman Mining
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Small Raw Natural Amber Mineral Specimen

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 This is an authentic piece of Amber. It is a translucent golden honey and brown color.

Amber is a gemstone formed through the fossilization of tree resin. Amber resin is not the same as regular tree sap. It comes specifically from the Pinus succinifera tree. They are actually considered to be organic gemstones. 

The fossilization of amber can be traced back to the Tertiary period, meaning that amber stones formed approximately 50 million years ago. Since amber is formed from soft and sticky resin, amber often contains animal and plant inclusions, mostly mosquitoes and other insect species. Amber that developed in coal seams is often called 'resinite', and specimens sourced specifically from New Zealand coal seams are referred to as 'ambrite'.

Measurements: This small Amber mineral specimen is 1.5 inches long and is .75 of an inch wide.

NOTE: You might not receive the exact specimen that you see in the picture but one similar.

Cleaning Instructions: You can clean this with a soft microfiber cloth.

Shipping Terms: Your order will be carefully packed and shipped via USPS or UPS within 3 weekdays.